• Educate & Change the JANE Generation

    The fact is that right now, 1 in 3 women are raped or sexually assaulted in their life. If this happens to a THIRD of all women, it deserves to be talked about in schools and the community. 

    article-2118846-065A1383000005DC-923_468x369JANE is a story about healing, transformation and possibility. Embedded into it are the steps needed for girls and their families to prevent certain kinds of trauma, and if they can’t, to begin healing from them. Film is a powerful tool of social media, but for teenagers in particular, it’s a powerful tool for social education.

    We are trying to start something big here that will spread to the minds of not just women and men, but also today’s new generation — the JANE generation — of girls and boys. 

    A central goal of ours is education. JANE will have a “second life” where it can be brought into schools, community centers or crisis centers as an educational tool accompanied with a specified curriculum. We already have interest from partners here in the U.S. and in seven other countries asking for this to be brought to them including England, Germany, Japan and Canada. 

    If you believe that this is a crucial issue today and want to help get JANE made, take action!
    A sample of our curriculum will be available soon.