• Community Partners

    It takes a village to make an independent film — JANE is no exception. Apart from our incredible growing donor list, supporters and advocates, here are some organizations that we are partnered with or support:

    HARA Motion Picture Conservatory:

    Located in the Monterey Peninsula, HARA Motion Picture Conservatory is dedicated to nourishing the hearts, minds and spirits of young professionals drawn to new media. As a fiscally-sponsored project of 501(c)(3)Fractured Atlas, they teach teens between ages 14-18 to develop their creativity in socially-conscious filmmaking.

    The students move through the HARA classes and gain hands-on experience in the many stages of independent film production including: acting, screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography and post-production.

    Teens making movies at HARA Motion Picture Conservatory.

    IMPACT Bay Area:

    JANE is partnering with rape crisis centers throughout the U.S. and Canada and will be filming in conjunction with IMPACT Bay Area, an international network of full force self-defense training. Impact Bay Area helps women and men work through trauma stored in their bodies, and open into life supportive and life sustaining action.

    Certain scenes from JANE will feature real IMPACT Bay Area classes (see photo) and will serve as a direct educational tool within the film to teach girls how to use their bodies to their advantage and fight back when attacked. This is aimed to directly change the sometimes-natural feeling to just freeze when being attacked physically or sexually.

    IMPACT BAY AREA – Self Defense instructor. Photo: Donna Loeffler

    Rising International:

    A strong supporter of JANERising International promotes ownership of craft-based businesses by women in impoverished areas of developing nations. Their focus is primarily on women in high-risk environments such as those in refugee camps, those living with HIV/AIDS, homeless women, displaced immigrants, former slaves, or those in war-torn regions of the world.

    JANE was a co-sponsor of Rising International’s annual conference.

    changing lives

    Monterey County Rape Crisis Center:

    JANE is partnered with The Monterey County Rape Crisis Center (MCRCC) is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to advocate for all victims and survivors of sexual assault and child sexual abuse, to prevent sexual violence in our community through education, and to provide ongoing support and healing to survivors of sexual assault.

    monterey county rape crisis logo in jpg











    Women’s Crisis Support – Defensa de Mujeres

    A supportive partner of JANE, Santa Cruz Women’s Crisis Support – Defensa de Mujeres was instrumental in developing and implementing one of the first Sexual Assault Response Teams in the nation. WCS-DdM’s mission is to end domestic violence and sexual assault by providing intervention and prevention services in a culturally-sensitive way. Through crisis counseling, safe shelter, legal assistance and advocacy, they help victims to become survivors and repair their lives.

    Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 1.06.19 PM


    Student Health Outreach & Promotion (S.H.O.P) at UCSC Health Center:

    The Student Health Outreach & Promotion program (S.H.O.P) is UCSC’s Student Health Outreach and Promotion Program and a destination for information. We are located in the Student Health Center, across the street from Colleges 9 & 10. As you walk up the ramp to the Health Center, SHOP is located in the building on your left, next to the Pharmacy. SHOP is where students can go to learn about health and wellness in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

    SHOP offers information, education, resources and support on issues such as Alcohol and other Drug Use, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Rape Crisis Counseling, and Sexual Health, Holistic Health and Stress Management.